Moved to a new site,with a new name.

So it was time to move to blogger, I just didn’t like the dry themes so much. Anyways new year new change check out the new blog :)

hope you all enjoy the new look :o



just that.

going to be redoing somethings. so until that’s all said and done you wont hear to much from me!

I will be back don’t worry.

<3 kuma

Back and how.

Ok before we get into anything. I was on vacation, so pardon the lack of anything. The vacation was awesome a lot of great pictures, still processing them all.

Moving on.

Point of this is to show off my skin, not in a look at what I got way either. For as long as I can remember I have always picked the pale skins, the gothic tones, not that I am against darker skins just they never appealed to me. Well i found a great skin and it looks even better in the darkest version. It is from [ PXL ] by Hart Larsson, and the skin is Lucas. Now you may already know of them, you may own one. For me this is just a great find so keep reading if You are interested in seeing why.

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Co-lure-ful Fuk

If you notice I never really do the brightly colored outfits. I know i’m a colorist haha no I just normally never find colorful things I like. I got lucky and it all started with my craving for some colored skinny jeans. This lead me to Emery. You can tell I did the happy dance and got some jeans and also a couple shirts I mean you have to match right. No. After my adventure I realized I need groceries….so that’s what I did. because TRENDY PEOPLE NEED FOOD TO! and yes you can work it like a model in a grocery store I have tried.

Colureful fuk3Oh and you can’t go grocery shopping without hot sunglasses. nope if you think you can WELL you can’t.


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Relax relax repeat.

Yikes been away from this for awhile. Eh had a bad power outage, and it was fun. Anyways this is fast and I wont rant on about it call it a casual getting back to things look?  OH but i will say get the jacket from Atomic i swear it’s so well made and has a nice loose feel to it.

Random nights

Hair: ((JUNWAVE))NaturalShort*BLACK*

Ears: Illusions Punky Elven/my own edit

Skin: .:Addict:. Uric Skin -Light- sinner/w lips(personal mod)

Jacket: [ATOMIC] Everyday Hoodie_Green

Shirt: Part of an old Emery Group Gift outfit (might not be able to get it now)

Pants: [Plastik]-Skiinah-Ripped-Original-Mazarine

Shoes: Eish!  AdiVANS Shoes

Necklace: :: Exodi :: Morski Pas Set

ok thats about it <3 Kuma

MAKE HIM OVER HUNT! personal favs

just tossing it out, firefox you are a penis.

Well I finally finished the Make Him Over Hunt. Oh you don’t know what that is. WELL GENTS be ready to get your low lag gear on and grab some coffee cause this hunt is FOR MAN!!! I know that sounded caveman like, anyways. This Hunt I can honestly say IS WORTH every second that’s saying alot. For starters everything in the Hunt is directed to the men, though I did see some girls gettin the goods to. So look here is the deal it started, it’s going on, you are missing it, and it ends June 30th. Yeah. If this is new to you and you are staring at this in awe….you need to minimize my page and get cracking. about 150 something designers, hours of fun. The start point is the badass Kmadd Enterprise, you know the place with the kicking hair. It’s one of those follow the next LM hunts to as soon as you get the Kmadd piece you are well on your way. I wont spoil the spots because it’s way fun to look for them (I will say some are tricky tricky). So yes mens get those looking glasses on, crank up some tunes and enjoy probably one of the best hunts going on FOR MEN!

You want the goods, you want to see whats worth the time. Well these are just a hand full of what you will find. Keep in mind these are MY personal favs. There is a Nut ton of gifts, so many I think wordpress would explode if i tried to show you them all….. (oh btw. it pretty much DID haha)

and one more thing thanks to Isle I can continue to blog better haha. Anyways check the rest of this stuff out, you are in for a treat.

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EmoTIVE Formalities

A QUICKIE. cause i’m half asleep ova here haha.

I love how people think Emo’s always need to wear tight jeans and black band shirts, beads and a lot of heavy eyeliner.. WELL today I am showing you NO EMO’s can CAN look pretty nice ;p Because you know Emo guys like me need to look good when at funerals, OR that important event ya get dragged to. You know “those” ones. Now it’s been done before the armidi jacket at least but I am sorry I love it and I really don’t care you can’t say this Blazer isn’t El hot.

EmoTIVE formalitiesI don’t like alot of clothing, but I do like my cardigans haha. Replacing the standard White formal Shirt with a nice sweater of choice really makes a nice edge to the formal attempt. As you can see I stuck to my favorite dark colors of red and black ;p Cause real emo guys don’t do colors. haha.  That’s it for the day a nice look for all you Emo’s and no im not making fun of you AFTER ALL. I am pretty Emo myself. Don’t let the eyeliner fool you though

Hair: Rock Candy Nyu Hair -Midnight-

Eyes: :: Genesis :: Zbilja Eyes (Grey)

Skin: Wade Skin -EyeLined Red/Black Tear- .:Addict:. (unreleased)

The foot Long Tounge: DMMDI: Tentacle Tongue – Blue

Jacket: Armidi – (m) Classic Pinstripe Blazer [Black]

Necklace:  ..:: Genesis ::.. The Davarriale Necklace

Sweater: Twosome -Coquito Cardigan Red-

Pants: [Plastik]-Bizness-Pinstripe-Noir

Shoes: (Shiny Things) Spencers – black

<3 Kuma